About Us

The Shadwell Aberdeen-Angus herd was established in conjunction with Shadwell Estate Company Ltd as an additional grazing management tool for the Thoroughbred studs in Norfolk and Suffolk.  The Aberdeen-Angus breed was chosen as the females are good mothers, calve easily and are good foragers.  They are a hardy breed and out winter well on our free draining grass paddocks.

Aberdeen-Angus bulls are renowned for producing easy fleshing cattle with high meat eating qualities.  The sires used in the herd are selected for their calving ease, fleshing ability, length and power.  Under the Hi Health Herdcare scheme the herd are accredited free of Lepto, Johne's and IBR.

At Shadwell Aberdeen-Angus we take pride in only offering bulls and females for sale of the highest quality; any which do not meet our exacting standards are finished at grass at about 20 months for various Aberdeen-Angus schemes.  This method of operation ensures that our breeding policy is producing cattle which can fulfil the requirements of pedigree and commercial breeders.

About us

Health Status

Shadwell Aberdeen-Angus believes strongly in having a disease free and healthy herd. We are currently members of the Biobest Cattle Health Scheme.

We are accredited free of BVD, LEPTO and also level 1 for JOHNES.

We are 1st Q passed for IBR.

We are in a 4 year testing area for TB and have never had a reactor.


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